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Our Story

All flowers on earth are unique and beautiful. There are no dull colours, right or wrong combinations, proportions or forms. Our floral designs are imaginative and creative; they challenge the traditional floral design principles and elements. We place an emphasis on our customers’ preferences because you trust our skills, techniques and imagination and your trust motivates our exclusive designs. We work together to create unique and exquisite flower arrangements, especially for you.

The fact is that no matter what colour, size, shape, or value flowers have, they signify happiness, joy, love and gratitude.

At  AB Flowers, we deeply care about every single flower arrangement that we sell. Regardless of the flowers' significance, we want your floral gifts to be, not only meaningful, but also remembered and appreciated for many, many years.

"Angelina's Box Flowers" was founded in 2014 by Olena Nezlobina, a person whose career path began in a completely different direction - sociology. Although, it was a successful and pleasurable field of work, Olena always felt that a piece of art was missing from her life. Her passion for flowers, interior design and fashion triggered her to reconnect with that creative part of herself. As a result, she has connected the skills, abilities and knowledge she gained in the social service industry, with her talent and passion to work in the floral design industry.

Our business name is dedicated to her second name - Angelina.

Today, "Angelina's Box Flowers" is a full service, online based company famed for luxurious, creative and simply elegant flower arrangements! Whenever you want to express your feelings or impress, surprise or congratulate your loved one, we would be honoured and delighted to assist you!

In order for us to serve you better, we highly encourage you to place your order at least two days in advance.

 Contact us Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9 pm


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