Flower Care

Where flowers are our inspiration

Fresh Flowers

  • The average life of our fresh flowers with proper care is 5-10 days depending on flower type and variety.
  • Flowers are best stored at room temperatures, not being exposed to direct sunlight and watered every other day with a cup of water carefully through the top of the box.
  • Do not remove your roses from the box. They are designed in a floral foam that keeps them hydrated and prevents them from growing the bacteria.
  • Flowers like grooming. Simply remove guard petals that begin to flit or fade with time. It will encourage other blooms to open.

Long Stem Rose Boxes

  • Remove the water tubes from the rose stems and enjoy their vibrance in a glass vase filled with water. We suggest changing the water every other day to prevent bacteria and prolong roses’ lifespan.
  • Enjoy our re-useable gif box for your precious belongings and or materials!

*In cases of flowers perishing less than within 48 hours, you must put a complaint by sending us an email with the photo of flowers attached. We will do our best to refund the order or send replacement free of charge.

Preserved roses:

Your roses should last up to 2 years following these instructions:

  • Please DO NOT water or spray your roses.
  • AVOID direct sunlight and cold temperatures. They are best stored at the room temperatures.
  • AVOID placing materials or objects on top of the arrangement. This may cause bruising or breakage of roses due to their delicateness.
  • You are WELCOME to use a soft duster to remove accumulating dust.
  • Please DO NOT remove roses from the box.
  • AND PLEASE take lots of pictures while they last!